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Rotary Buckle
At ABI, we’re continuously developing new and innovative products to stay ahead of the industry standard. ABI can provide you with a range of rotary buckles to meet your needs. Design features include: a smaller diameter than similar buckles, connection hardware with in-line adjustment or adjustment at the buckle, and a harness that can be released independently from or together with the lap belt. Meeting all requirements of the FAA TSO C114, the rotary buckle also offers the option to plate the release lever, custom-dyed webbing and custom lengths, while featuring an innovative release design to improve rapid egress.

Lift Lever
Designed and manufactured in the United States by ABI, the ABISS™ line of restraints is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Both aluminum and stainless steel lift levers come in 35° and 90° variations, and are available in single- and double-harness configurations.

Push Button
Designed by ABI, Ultima™ restraints are compact, cost effective and easy to use. Customers have the choice of a push-button restraint with single- or dual-action release. All ABI push-button assemblies are available in a three-point diagonal configuration. The push-button restraint is available in a metal or plateable plastic housing.