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Safety Checklist

The following may be indications your restraints could need service by a qualified repair station.


  • Frayed, torn, creased or crushed
  • Severe fading or discoloring


  • Hooks or end fittings checked for excess wear; bent, inoperable springs or latches; corrosion or rust
  • Buckle inoperational; connector at improper angle; buckle shows excess wear or deformity
  • Connector is not operational with buckle; connector shows excess wear or bending; corrosion or rust


  • Broken or missing stitches
  • Severe fading or discoloring
  • Inconsistent stitch pattern may indicate rewebbing by an unqualified company, and may be illegal or unsafe


  • TSO tags are missing or illegible
  • Age of TSO tag is 10 years or more

To further assist you in maintaining your airworthiness, we have provided for you a copy of our restraint maintenance instructions and checklist.  

Please note that we provide this information for reference only. The only way to be certain of safe belts is to have your belts rewebbed, tested and certified by an FAA approved repair station or the manufacturer. If you have any questions regarding seat belt inspection or safety restraint safety, please call toll free at 800-847-5651

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