Instead of Replacing Seatbelts…Reweb

If you have reupholstered your aircraft seats and would like to have the restraint system match the new interior, we can quote you for rewebbing. If you haven’t done any redecorating but your seatbelts are looking shabby, you can have them rewebbed and save money.

Restraints that require rewebbing are in and out of our facility in less than a week on receipt of the belts for standard orders.


Safety Checklist

Not for sure if your belts need to be rewebbed? Use this safety checklist to assess your restraint system.

Reweb Saftey Checklist

Airworthy Tip: Did you know that your webbing should be cleaned with a mild laundry detergent using cold water and then air dried?



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ABI is authorized by the FAA (Repair Station #YB1R632K) to offer rewebbing for ABI custom restraint systems. Each belt is certified to TSO C114, following FAA procedures and standards; and comes with a permanent tag and a statement of conformance to FAA requirements, if applicable.

Our services cover ABI restraints systems. We can also help you with other aircraft restraint systems. For more information and any questions you have regarding seat belt inspection or safety restraint safety, please call us at 800-847-5651 or 929-956-4395.




TPA262845 – EC – 012

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