Customers First

Since 1981 Aircraft Belts, Inc (ABI), an Ontic company, has been built around safety for our customers. Safety is our Business.  ABI is committed to stellar customer service and total client satisfaction.

When you talk to one of our staff members, you’re talking to someone who knows the products, the regulations and the industry. They know the business – inside and out – and have your safety in mind.


The Team

To ensure your safety, we devote time and capital to continuing education and professional development for our team members.

In 1992 we implemented ABI’s signature Quality Education & Training (QE&T) program. The QE&T process provides in-house training that includes:

  • Quality Principles
  • Teamwork
  • Process Management
  • Problem Identification & Assessment
  • Solution Identification
  • Implementation
  • Continuous Improvement

With the QE&T system our employees can partner with our customers to provide the best service. And meet the client demands. Their devotion to the company, the quality products and services offered helps build a level of comfort for you, the customer. You can feel confident about your order.


The Company

ABI goes above and beyond to deliver the highest quality products for your safety – on time and on budget. Aircraft manufacturers around the world trust ABI for original equipment installation of crew and passenger restraint systems. We have custom solutions, re-webbing and plating solutions for our customers. ABI is an Ontic company and also offers:

  • Custom Design for your restraint systems. Every belt is designed to fit the size, shape, color and technical needs of your aircraft.
  • Safety. Every belt is certified to FAA TSO C22(g) and/or C114 and made following FAA procedures and standards.
  • Quality. Every belt is manufactured to stringent FAA TSO requirements in an AS9100 certified facility. Each belt is hand inspected during the manufacturing process. We use hardware manufactured from 17-4-PH Stainless Steel.
  • Full-service interior Plating and engraving.
  • Our FAA certified Repair Station YB1R632K is approved for the Rewebbing repair of any ABI belt.
  • Approved TSO C22(g) and C114 non-metal end fittings for stretcher use – our MediBelt™ This system is also approved under the TSO for field replaceable stretcher straps for soiled webbing.
  • Airbag Systems thru the Aviation Occupant Safety (AOS) Joint Venture.
  • Specialty V22 Restraint System for the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey aircraft.

Most of all, ABI is ready to help you with your safety restraint systems. Safety is Our Business!