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Custom Aircraft Seat Belt & Harness System Solutions

As a user of aircraft safety restraints, you’re looking for the highest quality aircraft seat belt or harness – one that offers uncompromising reliability and unparalleled safety. Aircraft Belts, Inc. (ABI), an Ontic company, is dedicated to developing and manufacturing these gold standard products for our customers and delivering them time and time again. Think of ABI as your long-term partner. We work with you, directly, to customize restraint systems for your specific needs and create an attractive system that’s right for you and your aircraft – all while delivering your solution on time and on budget.

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The Process: Creating a Custom Seat Belt

  • Begin by picking the overall belt configuration
  • Then choose a lever or buckle style
  • Generate a part number using the Steps
  • Fill out your Contact Information & click Get Quote

From here, a member from our customer service team with contact you with an accurate quote in a timely manner!


Customize Your Belt: Start By Choosing Which Belt Configuration Is Right For You

  • Two Point (Lap Belt)
  • Three Point
  • Four Point
  • Rotary Buckles Restraints
  • Medical Restraints

We Also Offer Aircraft Seat Belt System Refurbishment Services

Throughout our time in the industry, we have learned that not every client needs a completely new, custom solution. Have a worn, tarnished, weathered or frayed belt? We proudly offer a catalog of refurbishment services, including:

Have additional questions about any of our custom airplane belt product, harness system solutions or refurbishment services?

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Customize Your Belt

We also have Rewebbing, Plating, and Engraving services for your worn, tarnished or frayed belts.

From ABI you receive:

Custom Design: Choose lengths, color, fittings and hardware to fit your specific aircraft needs.

Safety: Each belt is certified to FAA TSO C114, following FAA procedures and standards.

Quality: Every belt is manufactured to stringent FAA TSO requirements in an AS9100 certified facility. Every belt is hand inspected during the manufacturing process and hardware is manufactured from 17-4-PH Stainless Steel.

Easy Ordering: Call us at 919.956.4395 or email us at for a quote or to place an order.

Your safety is our business.